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To: android-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From: Kostya Vasilyev <kmansoft@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2014 17:33:08 +0400
Delivery-date: Tue, 30 Sep 2014 09:34:29 -0400
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It looks like the wording conflates two addresses into one --

-- The address that will be displayed to everyone, even on the Google Play
web site, even to users who've not installed your apps... just anyone, I

-- The address that Google will use for contact, and which won't be shown
to random strangers on the web

Also I am unable to find anything about addresses in the linked Developer
Terms either (checked the current US English version).

Fortunately, Google Wallet / Merchant settings are still separate.

Don't think there is anything to be done here -- Google is being forced by
the EU to comply with its laws.

The execution is pretty terrible, in my opinion, but I just don't see
Google or the EU backtracking on the requirement itself.

-- K

2014-09-30 16:58 GMT+04:00 Jose_GD <jose.gonzalez.d@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Ok, the day arrived. The "Physical address" field is live in the developer
> console.
> Below the field you'll find this:
> *Please provide a current, valid postal address where you may be
>> contacted. If you offer apps or in-app items for sale, you are required to
>> provide a postal address under our developer terms
>> <> and
>> consumer protection laws; failure to do so may result in the suspension of
>> your account and/or sales of your apps. Please ensure that you keep these
>> details up to date if they change. By providing your email or postal
>> address information, you confirm that you consent to Google publicly
>> displaying or disclosing that information in connection with your apps. *
> "You are required to provide a postal address under our developer
> terms...". Alright, the terms DON'T mention this nonsense at all! At least
> in the Spanish version.
> I think I'll put something there, not sure what... Time to start a
> petition or something like that?
> El lunes, 29 de septiembre de 2014 09:50:34 UTC-3, Jose_GD escribió:
>> Ha, I've seen those "awesome" news too. Answering what I guess:
>> 1. Email, because Google encourages users to use comments in Play Store
>> alongside ratings and email to ask for support
>> 2. Google will examine support inquires after users complaining of an
>> unsatisfactory answer. If they think it was urgent, they will email the dev
>> with this: "Hey, this was an urgent matter, please answer now to not risk a
>> dev account cancellation"
>> El viernes, 26 de septiembre de 2014 10:14:36 UTC-3, Kostya Vasilyev
>> escribió:
>>> But wait, there is more.
>>> New developer policy -- from September 25 -- has this (new):
>>> For paid Products or in-app transactions, you must respond to customer
>>> support inquiries within three (3) business days, and within 24 hours to
>>> any support or Product concerns stated to be urgent by Google.
>>> Does anyone know if:
>>> 1 - They mean Google Play comments or email?
>>> 2 - How will the developer know that a particular support request was
>>> "stated to be urgent by Google"?
>>> -- K

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