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Re: [opensuse] Re: OwnCloud, necesito adquirir un ámbito?

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Subject: Re: [opensuse] Re: OwnCloud, necesito adquirir un ámbito?
From: Patrick Shanahan <paka@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2012 10:56:08 -0400
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* Roger *Luedecke <roger.luedecke@xxxxxxxxx> [04-08-12 08:43]:
> Parece seré probar fuera de ningún-*ip. Justo tengo que imaginar si el *router
> lo apoya y *yadda *yadda. 

Esto no es un problema, *router.  He utilizado ningún-*ip para cinco o seis años a anfitrión
una galería de foto para juventud *soccer.  Tengo un *cron entrada que envía mi
presente *ip *addr a ningún-*ip #cada 10 minutos.  No-*ip proporciona el guión.

(*paka)Patrick *Shanahan       *Plainfield, Indiana, EE.UU.      *HOG # EE.UU.1244711
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* Roger Luedecke <roger.luedecke@xxxxxxxxx> [04-08-12 08:43]:
> Looks like I'll be trying out no-ip. I just have to figure if the router
> supports it and yadda yadda. 

This is not a problem, router.  I have used no-ip for five or six years to
host a photo gallery for youth soccer.  I have a cron entry that sends my
present ip addr to no-ip every 10 minutes.  no-ip provides the script.

(paka)Patrick Shanahan       Plainfield, Indiana, USA      HOG # US1244711        Photo Album:                           openSUSE Community Member
Registered Linux User #207535                    @
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